Historians without Borders promotes the use of historical knowledge for peacebuilding and conflict resolution

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The Historians without Borders network brings together historians from around the world.
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Our events address topical and societal issues from a historical perspective.
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The collection is valid until 9 August 2024.

The project will start in autumn 2024.


Our events are open to anyone interested in history and they address current and social issues from a historical perspective. If you would like to receive invitations to our events directly to your email inbox, please join our event invitation newsletter.

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Historians without Borders in Finland promotes historical awareness, historical debate and the use of historical information for conflict prevention and resolution. Founded in 2015, the association is the first of its kind internationally.

International network

In addition to the Finnish association, a key role in our work is played by the international network of Historians without Borders, which consists mainly of historians, historiographers, teachers and others involved in history policy.

Get to know Historians without Borders in Finland!

It’s important that historians themselves actively work against the misuse of their work in fostering conflicts and disputes.

Erkki Tuomioja

Docent of Contemporary History and the longest serving Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Erkki Tuomioja is behind the initiative…

Through history, we learn to understand not only our own history but that of other’s as well. This is ever more important in the current world and working life.

Rinna Kullaa

Academy Research Fellow and global historian Rinna Kullaa is a Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna. She studies and…

Historical knowledge should be utilised more in conflict resolution. History politics and the use of history are an everyday phenomenon, but we have difficulties recognizing them. There is enough work to be done here even for a larger movement.

Janne Virkkunen

Long-term editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries, Janne Virkkunen is also a…

Even though historical research itself is an imprecise tool, it is all we have when trying to find out where we come from, where we are and where we are going. We cannot see into the future and therefore the role of the past is extremely important.

Oula Silvennoinen

A research fellow at the Finnish Academy Oula Silvennoinen holds the title of docent of European History at the University…

Myths can empower ones but bar others out. Critique is important in historical research so we can discuss the past sensibly and use the knowledge it provides constructively.

Sirkka Ahonen

Professor Emerita of History and Social Studies Education, Sirkka Ahonen has during her career among other things focused on the…

We often turn to history for reasoning and justification as well as moral backing for the political decisions and future plans we make.

Pertti Grönholm

Pertti Grönholm, Docent of European and World history at the University of Turku, has studied history culture, history politics and…

Historians can bring a much needed time-perspective to a discussion and remind people about the speed and pace of change.

Mila Oiva

Mila Oiva, a senior researcher at Tallinn University, has focused on information circulation and cross-border transfer of knowledge in her…

It is historians’ responsibility to make sure that academic research and its results become a part of the public discussion. Even though history does not provide unequivocal truths, it can still be misused.

Jukka Kortti

Jukka Kortti is a Doctor of Social Sciences and Docent of Economic and Social History at the University of Helsinki.…

Societies are built on pre-existing foundations – understanding history helps us better interpret the context and subtext behind today’s events.

Janne Lahti

Finnish Academy research fellow and docent of history at the University of Helsinki, Janne Lahti, specialises in the history of…

Historical identities and the "deep narratives" embedded in history have a major impact as motivating factors for human action.

Jan Löfström

“I am a professor of Historical-Social Education at the University of Turku. In my research I have dealt with topics…

It’s important to examine what societies remember and how. When we talk about history, we always also talk about the future to some extent.

Heino Nyyssönen

Heino Nyyssönen is Docent of History, Political Sciences and International Relations and works at the University of Turku. In his…

The nexus between memory and history is necessary to understand how states utilize the past to legitimize their power and policies.

Bradley Reynolds

Bradley Reynolds is a doctoral researcher in Political History at the University of Helsinki and an associated researcher with the Academy…

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    PhD Mercédesz Czimbalmos is the principal investigator of the Antisemitism Undermining Democracy project at the Inez and Julius Polin Institute for Theological Research at Åbo Akademi University. Czimbalmos is a researcher in the study of religions, minority studies, and Jewish studies, with specific interest in contemporary Judaism, gender and religion, discrimination and its relationship with health.

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