Bradley Reynolds

The nexus between memory and history is necessary to understand how states utilize the past to legitimize their power and policies.

Bradley Reynolds is a doctoral researcher in Political History at the University of Helsinki and an associated researcher with the Academy of Finland project “The Baltic Sea Region and the Post-Cold War Hysteresis” (BALTRANS). From the perspective of international history, his doctoral dissertation focuses on Finnish and Russian peace mediation in 1995-1996 of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the influence this process had on debates on Europe’s post-Cold War security architecture.

Bradley has received funding from the US State Department Title VIII Grant Programme, Academy of Finland Mobility Programme, Otto. A Malm Foundation, and the Foreign Policy Research Foundation for policy-relevant historical research. His work has been published with H-Diplo, Helsingin Sanomat, Security and Human Rights Monitor, Cold War History, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, and, among others. He also participates in the Europaeum Scholars Programme, a leadership development program made up of doctoral researchers from 18 of Europe’s leading research universities. This is a two-year doctoral training program on the use of academic expertise in decision-making and policy advising.

Bradley is also a board member of the Finnish Oral History Network and active in European oral history and memory studies communities. Bradley considers the nexus between memory and history necessary to understand how states utilize the past to legitimize their power and policies. It is the role of scholars, NGOs, and memory practitioners to illuminate these legitimizing strategies so that citizens are aware of the processes of power in which they are embedded – History is not given, but shaped, disproportionately by those with power.

Bradley has been a member of HWB Finland’s board since 2023.

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