Docent of Contemporary History and the longest serving Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Erkki Tuomioja is behind the initiative to establish Historians without
Academy Research Fellow and global historian Rinna Kullaa is a Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna. She studies and teaches global history focusing
Long-term editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries, Janne Virkkunen is also a former Chairman of the
A research fellow at the Finnish Academy Oula Silvennoinen holds the title of docent of European History at the University of Helsinki. In his
Professor Emerita of History and Social Studies Education, Sirkka Ahonen has during her career among other things focused on the use of history in
Pertti Grönholm, Docent of European and World history at the University of Turku, has studied history culture, history politics and historiography as well as
Mila Oiva, a senior researcher at Tallinn University, has focused on information circulation and cross-border transfer of knowledge in her work. Her dissertation dealt
Jukka Kortti is a Doctor of Social Sciences and Docent of Economic and Social History at the University of Helsinki. He currently works as
Finnish Academy research fellow and docent of history at the University of Helsinki, Janne Lahti, specialises in the history of the American West, colonialism
“I am a professor of Historical-Social Education at the University of Turku. In my research I have dealt with topics closely related to the
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