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Exploring Intangible Borders — Call for Applications for the ‘In Between?’ Free Summer School in Helsinki and Tallinn as well as Masuria, Poland

The European Remembrance and Solidarity Network (ENRS) organises the In Between? summer school in the Estonian/Finnish Maritime Border as well as the Masuria region in Poland in September 2024. Historians without Borders in Finland acts as a local partner in the edition taking place in Helsinki and Tallinn. The summer school is intended for students and the call for applications is open until 5 May 2024.

Call for Applications:

The borderlands of contemporary Europe share unique culture of memory, shaped by the turbulent history of the 20th century: its wars, geopolitical changes and mass migrations. It is in these regions that the European Remembrance and Solidarity Network (ENRS) organises
the ‘In Between?’ summer school. We invite students of the arts and humanities from all over Europe to participate in the project. This year,
the participants of ‘In Between?’ will meet in Warsaw and set off on study visits to Tallinn and Helsinki (Estonia/Finland) or Masuria region
(Poland), where they will interview members of the local communities and produce a series of podcasts.

‘In Between’ searches for local histories in the borderlands of Europe. It is an educational project for students and young professionals
interested in oral history. Since 2016, the participants of the programme have explored 26 regions in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. In
2018, the project received a special mention during Europa Nostra Awards. You can find more information about previous editions at
enrs.eu/inbetween. For full information about this year’s edition of the programme, please visit enrs.eu/edition/inbetween2024.

The ninth edition of ‘In Between’ Summer School will be held from 2-13 September 2024 and will start with a three-day training in Warsaw. This will include workshops on oral history, audio recording and podcast creation. The participants will then split into two groups, and each will travel to one of the borderland regions. During the week-long study trips, they will learn about their history and get to know their unique characteristics by taking part in tours, meeting local experts and interviewing some of the inhabitants.

In the Masuria region, the participants will explore the memory of the German-Polish neighbourhood from over eighty years ago. The group
will learn about social relations in the area, with its ethnic-national rivalries before 1945, when Masuria was part of Germany, and after 1945, when it was ceded to Poland and the ethnicity of much of its population had changed.

The second group will visit Tallinn and Helsinki to research the phenomenon of the maritime border from the time when the Iron Curtain
divided the Baltic Sea, limiting direct interaction between the two capitals and their people. Participants will also examine the reestablishment of a ferry route between the two cities in 1965 and the new economic migrations which occurred after 1991.

The students will present the results of their research in the form of a short artistic podcast, which will be shared on the streaming platforms
Spotify and Simplecast after the end of the project. Results from the 2022 edition are available on the ENRS website: In Between? 2022 |

We welcome applications from students of arts and humanities, such as anthropology, journalism and media studies, history, cultural studies,
sociology, sound engineering and the like. Applicants are requested to fill in the application form at enrs.eu/edition/inbetween2024. A good
command of English is a must and knowledge of one of the languages of the selected regions will be an advantage. Workshops,
accommodation and transport to the study visits’ destinations are free of charge; the participants can also apply for a partial reimbursement of
travel costs. The deadline for applications is 5 May 2024.

Please contact the ENRS for further questions:

Project coordinator:
Julia Machnowska
European Remembrance and Solidarity Network (ENRS)
mob: +48 453 697 498

Contact for the media:
Magdalena Żelazowska
European Remembrance and Solidarity Network (ENRS)
mob: +48 500 395 489

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