We are looking for a writer for a report on the Finnish-Estonian history dialogue project!

In autumn 2023, Historians Without Borders in Finland will organise for the first time a history dialogue between Finnish and Estonian historians on the differences, similarities and challenges of memory politics and interpretations of history in Estonia and Finland. An important part of the project will be a project report based on the dialogue. We are looking for an author for the commissioned project report by May 21st.

About the project

The Finnish-Estonian history dialogue will provide new insights into the convergences and differences in historical perceptions and memory politics for example in relation to the history of the Cold War and the transition towards the EU and the West in the 1990s in both Finland and Estonia. The countries have different, but to some extent shared, histories as border regions between Eastern and Western Europe. The aim of the dialogue is to create new, transnational perspectives, especially on recent history, and to identify new research topics. More information on the project can be found in our new release

The dialogue will take place during the autumn of 2023 and will consist of one face-to-face dialogue meeting between Finnish and Estonian historians, possible subsequent remote meetings, a report based on the input from these meetings and a publication event. The face-to-face dialogue meeting will be conducted in English and is likely to take place in early October in Tallinn. The report launch event will take place either in late 2023 or early 2024 in Helsinki, depending on when the report is published. The project will be coordinated by the project working group and the Secretary General of the association.

The Finnish-Estonian history dialogue project is implemented by Historians without Borders in Finland in cooperation with the University of Tallinn. The project is made possible by a grant from the Finnish-Estonian Cultural Foundation (Suomalais-virolainen kulttuurisäätiö).


The main output of the project is a commissioned report in English on the basis of the meetings, describing the starting points and success of the project and the outcome of the meetings. The report will be approximately 15-20 pages in length. The writing of the report will take place mainly after the dialogue meeting in Tallinn in October. The deadline is 30th November 2023 or two months after the face-to-face dialogue meeting.

The author of the report will participate in the face-to-face dialogue meeting in Tallinn in October 2023, as well as in subsequent remote meetings with the dialogue partners, the report launch event and the dialogue planning meetings in June and August. A possible public remote briefing on the dialogue meeting will take place in the autumn, and it is hoped that the author of the report will also participate. Travel costs for the dialogue meeting in Tallinn have been included in the project budget. 

The report will be carried out as a commission, for which a total of € 3800 will be paid as remuneration. A commission contract will be concluded between the association and the author of the report, in which the terms and conditions of the commission will be agreed.

A project working group set up by the Historians without Borders in Finland will be responsible for supervising the commission and planning the project.

Terms of commission

We are looking for a person who has the necessary skills to understand the nature of historical research and the current debates on it. The author should have personal experience of historical research or of writing a doctoral/master’s thesis in historical research. We would particularly appreciate it if the contractor has studied Estonian history or the history of relations between Finland and Estonia in their own research or thesis work.

The contractor must be able to communicate and write a report in fluent English. However, the language maintenance costs of the report have been taken into account in the project budget.

How to apply

If you are interested in the commission, please send a brief application (max. 1 A4 sheet) and CV to info@hwb.fi by Sunday 21st of May. If you wish, you can also provide links or other information to your academic profile, research or other relevant work samples.

Suitable candidates will be interviewed remotely between 24th and 30th May. A decision on the successful candidate will be taken by early June at the latest.

Additional information

Heta Hedman
Secretary General
Historians without Borders in Finland