Survey for Ukrainian and Russian Historians


Survey for Ukrainian and Russian Historians

Historians and the study of Russian and Ukrainian history

The following survey is collected by the Historians without Borders (HWB), a Finnish NGO established in 2015. The information will be used by the organization to gain a more informed understanding of the themes and issues that unite, and disunite scholars working on Russian and Ukrainian joint and parallel histories. The information will furthermore be used in a research project “Historians and the use of history” led by PhD Suvi Kansikas (Uni. of Helsinki), currently the vice-chair of the HWB.

1Mandatory information
2Disputes between Russian and Ukraine
3Historians in Society
4Cooperation between historians
5Questions, comments etc.

Research project and ethical principles


The data gathered through this survey will be used in accordance with the ethical principles of the Finnish National Advisory Board on Research Ethics ( Accordingly, the research subjects are entitled to: right of self-determination; prevention of harm, and privacy and data protection.


The survey data will be processed by the Principal Investigator, using sufficient care in handling and storing the confidential information. All project members will sign a pledge of confidentiality before given access to the data. The data will be anonymized for research purposes, and all direct identifiers will be removed from it. The project aims at 1-2 scientific articles, in which the data for this survey, consist only one part of all research data. After the project ends (current estimate) in 2020), the anonymized data will be stored for secondary research (at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive


For more information on the research project, contact the Principal Investigator:


PhD Suvi Kansikas

Centre for European Studies,

University of Helsinki

+358 50-448 0707