Next Steps

Russian – Ukrainian History Dialogue

We are currently planning the third meeting that will take the process forward and ensure its continuity, which is a crucial element of dialogue. If the last two seminars focused on building the trust between the parties and tried to solve how to make the dialogue even possible, this time we aim for concrete results. We invest in better transparency by broadening the participant base and by communicating the process and its results more to the public and decision makers.



We will publish a booklet in the fall of 2018, containing articles by three historians that participated at the last meeting – one from Finland, Russia, and Ukraine. We have also opened a survey for Russian and Ukrainian historians, which includes questions about historical disputes between the countries, historical issues that are in danger of being politicized or issues that can be abused in conflicts. Data gained from the survey will be analyzed and used to determinate the themes for the third seminar. This way we make sure that this meetings main themes will be gathered from the inside the situation, not by forcing our own interpretations.



After the last seminar, participants expressed hopes that the next meeting will consist of international experts as participants as well, to have more diverse discussions and create an atmosphere, where participants will notice issues and problems that unite them as historians, not only concentrate on problems separating them. This is why approximately 10 historians both from Russia and Ukraine will be chosen as well as 10 international historians.



Participants will be chosen partly by inviting Ukrainian and Russian historians from last time, partly by opening a call for application. This way the continuity of the process is ensured, but no interested expert is excluded by accident. It also makes it possible to evaluate the applicants based on their interest to contribute to the dialogue process and society, not only by their academic interests. We will update this site when we are ready to open the call for applications. For frequent updates please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.